Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) Material Specifications
Target material
Contains a minimum content of Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC), as agreed between the buyer and seller, with the remaining proportion being other paper and card.
- OCC includes used boxes and sheets of corrugated board, but can also contain new corrugated board too.
- Other paper and card grades include newspapers, magazines and pamphlets, grey and brown carton board, white office paper, coloured paper, printers waste, envelopes, catalogues, books and telephone directories.
The agreed minimum OCC content will determine the grade. For example a 90:10 grade must contain a minimum of 90% OCC, with an allowable 10% of other paper and card. 80:20 and 70:30 grades follow the same logic.
Unwanted paper and board
Material should contain no more than 1.5% of unwanted paper and board which may be detrimental to production such as:
- Soft and hard cores
- Tetrapak
- Wallpaper
- Tissue paper
- Wet strength hand towels
- Egg box
- Adhesive labels / backing paper
Unwanted material (Outthrows)
There is a tolerance of up to 1.5% of unwanted materials by overall bale weight. Unwanted materials includes non-paper and cardboard materials such as:
-Plastic bottles
-Rigid plastic
-Plastic film
All material should NOT contain any of the following as there is a 0% tolerance:
-Food waste
-Garden waste
-Medical and hygiene waste
-Hazardous materials (e.g. paint, chemicals, oil, asbestos)
-Concrete, soil, stone and brick
-Electrical equipment or wire
Material must be generally free of dirt, grit, fire damage and should not be mouldy
Average of 12% moisture content. Moisture above 12% may be subject to claims.
Bale presentation
Bales should be a uniform shape, compact and with all baling wire secure. Bales should not be wrapped in plastic film or loaded on pallets.