Japan Old Corrugated Cardboard
Target material 
Consists of baled corrugated containers having liners of either test liner, jute or kraft.
Unwanted paper and board
The specific requirements of outthrows are as follows:
The proportion of groundwood paper may not exceed 10%
Paper without pulp is not permitted
Unwanted material
Unwanted material  materials may not exceed 0.5%
Unwanted materials includes non-paper and cardboard materials such as:
- Carbon paper
- Non-carbon paper
- Ethylene vinyl resin such as polyethylene coated paper, laminated paper
- Adhesive Tape
- Thermal Paper
- Other paper material is not suitable as a substance
All material should NOT contain any of the following as there is a 0% tolerance:
- Stone, glass, metal, earth and sand, wood chips, etc.
- Synthetic paper, stone paper
- Plastic
- Resin impregnated paper, parchment paper, cloth
- Tarpaulin paper, wax paper, plasterboard and other building materials
- Sublimation transfer paper (downwards-dyed paper, hot stamping paper), heat-sensitive foam paper, non-woven
- Aroma paper, paper containing taste
- Medical institutions and have contact with infectious waste paper
- Other substances for manufacturing processes or significant obstacle
Advanced waste paper cannot contain clay, gravel, fire or mildew situation.
The average humidity of raw materials shall be 12% or less. Otherwise, may result in claims.
Bale shall be the same shape which is compressed and packed by metal wire. Bale is not available for plastic film packing, should not use tray to loading.