Logistics Recycle Plan Initiated Ahead of Online Shopping Festival

China's major logistics platform Cainiao Network said Tuesday that 10 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, had launched a plan to recycle paper boxes.

Cainiao Network said the plan covered hundreds of collection areas, and people and vehicles would also join the plan.

Tens of millions of paper boxes are expected to be recycled, and the volume of paper reused will be equivalent to 100,000 trees, the company added.

The company has cooperated with Anhui Shanying Paper Industry, one of the largest papermaking enterprises and packaging board manufacturers in China, to recycle reclaimed paper boxes through disinfection and reprocessing.

Meanwhile, Cainiao's logistics partners and cooperative businesses have set up "green bases" across the country, providing "tape free" delivery boxes and biodegradable delivery bags.

Yunda Express, another major courier company in China, said it had already purchased biodegradable delivery bags to replace plastic bags. Recycling delivery paper boxes was on trial in some cities, with more electrical vehicles introduced for the forthcoming online shopping festival Saturday.

Last year China used more than 12 billion plastic bags for express packaging, sparking pollution concerns and calls for environment-friendly logistics.


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