Double 11-Let Our Efforts known to the Society! Let's Take A Green Journey!

In past few years, despite the booming of online retail business, the China’s courier delivery industry has demonstrated vigorous development. As early as in 2010, the daily business volume of China’s courier industry’s has reached 10 million, only second to the United States and Japan. In terms of business volume, with China's GDP growth every 1%, the courier delivery industry grows by 2.9 % which equivalent to 3 times of the GDP growth rate. It indicates that the development of courier delivery industry plays an important role in pulling up GDP. The next three years, the industry will continue to maintain about 30% high growth rate,


Cycle Link International is one of the Shanying International Holdings Company wholly-owned subsidiaries, a global waste paper trade network enterprise. It possesses insight into the industry prospects, and in response to the "Guidance of Opinions of the State Council on Promoting ‘Internet Plus’ Action", Cycle Link International partnered with Cainiao (Alibaba’s logistic group) to advocate "zero waste" environmental protection concept and together has launched enhanced version of “green action” called “back to box plan” in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other 10 cities in 100 campus stations and the same amount of community courier stations to carry out courier delivery packing cartons’ recycling action.


The idea of this plan is during the double eleven period to encourage “the hands-chopping people” (a figure speech refers to a group of big online spenders who self mockingly say that they would like to chop their hands off after buying too much online) to unpack their packages at the courier stations, to settle the weighing on site, and to keep the waste cartons at the stations for then Cainiao’s partner recycling companies to collect and be responsible for recycling. After disinfection and processing, these cartons will be made into packing boxes and used again in the express delivery industry to save large amount of resources.


The person in charge of this returning package plan said: “If the whole industry has joined the ‘back to box plan’, there will be hundreds of millions of express cartons being recycled. Only double eleven period alone, can save nearly 100 million yuan cost of paper ”. In addition, during the event, the station that has had the highest recovery rate gets 800 yuan extra reward.


Significance of Double Eleven Recycling Project


Cainiao Campaign - General Trend


From a macro point of view, according to the latest report on September 2017 of China Report Net, the future China's waste paper recycling rate is expected to continue rising as a result of rapid decreasing of imported waste paper as raw material which caused by tightening of import waste paper standard and the further improved Chinese domestic waste paper recycling system.


(Chart shown blow) Chinas Waste Paper Recycling Quantity and Rate Shows A Steady Growth

Blue bar in chart : quantity of waste paper recycled  

Red bar : waste paper recycling rate

The longest journey begins with the first step. According to estimates, the recovery of one ton of waste paper can save 16-17 trees, while Cycle Link International is capable of 4 million 500 thousand tons of recycled fiber productivity annually which means it protects 200 thousand hectares cubic meters forest resources every year. Also, this green campaign cooperation with Cainiao emphasized on green development which is in line with the current  political climate in China and effectively promote the recovery of recycled fiber (waste paper) utilization rate. Hence, this partnership furthermore represents a positive measure that adapts to current situation under the trend for country’s environmental protection policy.

Cainiao Action - Creativity, Sharing


From an enterprise development perspective, Cycle Link International has rooted to be driven to be known as the most creative world's leading Eco Enterprise. The purpose of this move is through Cainiao campaign which focuses on "green" theme that advocates Cycle Link International’s mission statement: "leading to create, share, win-win industrial culture", in which lead the recycling economy to inherit paper industry culture. Also to fully realize the "greenization" by putting massive packaging cartons generated during double eleven period into recycling, giving a renewed birth of each single fiber. Therefore, we’re able to effectively promote the development of the paper industry.


Cycle Link International as one of Shanying International Holdings Company wholly-owned subsidiaries, and an enterprise for renewable fiber logistics system within the global coverage of the internationalization, carries the enormous responsibility and mission in the process of promoting social development. It’s Cycle Link International’s duty to promote efficient recycling of resources through its own efforts, and to promote recycling production mode; the symbiosis of enterprises, parks and industries; the mutual supply of raw materials and the sharing of resources, as well as to advance the standardization and expansion of scale of resource recycling industry.


In addition, in cooperation with Cainiao quality team, this “back to box activity” has created a win-win situation greatly enhancing Cycle Link International China headquarter and Cainiao team’s social influence and competitiveness in recycling and environmental protection industry. Let our efforts known to the society, let’s take the green journey.