Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Quality Conference Declaration


We are here to share the same philosophy, to champion the importance of quality control and enhance the quality of recycled paper. We support and follow China's national environmental protection policy, and work together to create a brighter future for coming generations!


To strengthen close collaboration and communication with domestic and foreign industry, focused together on the challenged and countermeasures of future development of the recycling paper industry, the standard and innovation of the raw material quality control, Cycle Link held Cycle Link International Recycled Fibre Quality Conference and related activities at Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental from 1st of Feb to 4th of Feb. This conference invited more than 100 industry leaders and relevant people from 10 countries.

All of participants signed and promised the quality conference declaration, and the president of Cycle Link Mr. Lai En sealed it with Cycle Link stamp.



The Vice President of Shanying Group Mr. Sun Xiaomin gave an opening addressed.

First of all, the General Manager of Cycle Link UK Mr. Craig Robinson introduced the overview of Shanying Group and Cycle Link to all attendance. Technical Manage of Zhejiang Shanying paper mile Mr. Liu Tao and the assistant General Manager of MA ‘Anshan paper mile Mr.Yan Jianqiu presented the process of regenerated fiber quality inspection and the quality control experience. Next, the general manager of Cycle Link China Ms. Wu Hai Yan and 3 representatives from Shanying Group paper mile discussed about mill developments Challenges with processing of recycled fibres.

Mr. Mike Smith from the Environment Agency company had speech about environmental regulation and its role in the management of quality. A roundtable discussion that is focus on gathered- adapt to new quality standards was conducted   by the representatives of all companies.  The sales director of Cycle Link Mr. Xu Ying introduced the overview of current waste paper market general situation from the view of China and the Southeast Asia supervision. The Recycling Association Mr. Simon Ellin introduced the recycling association in UK Quality First Campaign. The roundtable discussion focused on how to ensure the regulatory compliance across the whole supply chain as well.


The National Sword Action was discussed on the second day of the conference. Practical experience and innovation of the domestic and international waste paper suppliers’ quality control and operation procedure were shared as well.

To understand the development and trendy of Regenerated Fiber global market from Macro perspectives, and deeper understand the status of waste paper recycling in China and the future development trend. Then, the conference discussed the changes in fiber composition and challenges for the future. Mr. Marc Ehrlich from VIPA speech the recovered fiber – global market overview and outlook for 2018.


At the end of conference, the GM of cycle link UK and president Mr. Lai En gave a closing speech about the topic of conference- yesterday, today and future. All of attendances will exchange the experience of recycle fibers and promote the green circular economy on a mission to the protection of the environment, resource conservation and pollution reduction.。


Let us celebrate the successful closing of Cycle Link International Recycled Fibre Quality Conference and look forward to the reunion in 2019.