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Cyclelink is the wholly owned raw materials purchasing division of Ji’An Group Co. Ltd. in China.  The Ji’An and Shanying paper making centres manufacture high quality packaging products consuming c3.65 million tonnes of recovered fibre per annum.  Cyclelink has offices in USA, China, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, and Japan delivering efficient supply chain solutions to our suppliers.


In order to export raw materials to China, compliance with the following is mandatory:

§  Trans-Frontier Shipment Regulations

§  Import licence requirements set by Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ)

§  SOLAS Chapter VI Regulation 2

§  Annex VII documentation

§  Signed Purchase Order

§  Operational and documentation conditions set by shipping companies and freight forwarders

Adherence to these Supplier Instructions will assist in making compliant shipments and reduce the risk of incurring avoidable additional costs.

Quality Standard

Material to conform with EN643, CEPI European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling – 2013 Revision.

Prohibited Material – Tolerance is 0% (medical waste, products of personal hygiene, hazardous waste, glass, organic waste including foodstuffs, bitumen, toxic powders, and textiles)

Unwanted Material (Outthrows) – Tolerance is 1.5% (non-paper components, paper & board not according to grade definition, paper & board detrimental to production)

Cleanliness – material must be generally free of dirt, grit, fire damage, general waste, coal, grain, wood and wood pallets

Moisture – Tolerance is 12%




Purchase Order

Once a sale is agreed you will receive a Purchase Order (PO) detailing all the terms of the sale.  Once checked and verified, please sign, date and email the PO back to Cyclelink within 24hrs of receipt.

Booking & Collection

Please advise Cyclelink of your preferred collection schedule as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.  For Monday collections, please provide a schedule no later than close of business on the preceding Thursday to guarantee container availability.  If you require any changes or cancellations to the agreed schedule then please be aware that you must advise us no later than 11:30 on the day before collection otherwise wasted journey charges may be levied by the Shipping Line.

Please inspect the container for damage (holes, splits or tears).  If it is already damaged upon arrival or is damaged during loading then please notify Cyclelink, providing photographs and details of what caused the damage (where applicable).  If you have any safety concerns regarding the container, vehicle/trailer, or driver then please notify Cyclelink immediately (during office hours).

If the container is to be delayed arriving at your depot then we will endeavour to notify you and agree a new schedule (presuming the Shipper gives us sufficient notice of the delay).

The Shipping Line will allow 3hrs to fully load a container from the time of arrival until departure.  If the vehicle arrives earlier than the agreed loading time then the 3hrs will apply from the original loading time.  Delays in loading may lead to the Shipping Line imposing demurrage charges that will be chargeable to the Supplier’s account.

If you would like to request a change or cancellation, or inform us about any other matter relating to collection, logistics, or documentation please contact one of the following via the office (01268 521265) or email:

§  Emma Hood (

§  Andy Hunt (


Please ensure that you have the requisite loading ramps/bays, forklift (including clamps), and work instructions to load shipping containers in a safe manner.

Only proceed to load a container where the correct reference number is quoted by the haulier, ensuring that the correct grade of material is loaded that corresponds to the PO.

The Annex VII document must be placed inside the container upon completion of loading and accompany the shipment.  The requirements for providing photographs and load details are listed in this document.


The minimum payload weight is 24.00 metric tonnes unless otherwise agreed in advance by both parties.  The maximum payload weight is 26.50 metric tonnes.  Under no circumstances shall the gross weight exceed 44.00 metric tonnes or the maximum plated weight of the container.

Cyclelink reserves the right to charge the Supplier the additional pro-rata cost of shipment resulting from low weights below the minimum 24.00 metric tonnes.

Weighbridge Calibration

Please supply an electronic copy of a valid weighbridge calibration certificate for your site(s).  Cyclelink will contact you on or around the renewal date of the certificate(s) to obtain up-to-date copies.

Bolt Seals

All containers must be sealed with a Bolt Seal provided by the Supplier (hauliers may provide seals at their discretion).  Plastic or metal strip seals are not accepted.  It is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure that each container is securely sealed prior to shipment.


The Supplier agrees to provide a minimum of 5x digital photos of the loaded container (640x480 standard resolution):


§  Photo1 – container with one row loaded

§  Photo2 – container half-loaded

§  Photo3 – container three-quarters loaded

§  Photo4 – container fully loaded with one door open and one door closed, clearly showing the Container No.

§  Photo5 – close-up of the Bolt Seal in place with the Seal No. clearly legible

Please name each photograph with the relevant Load Reference number.

Please ensure that each photograph has the time and date displayed on it. All cameras should have this function easily available. See below for examples:




All photographs and load details must be sent to on the same day as loading being completed.  Any extra charges incurred due to incomplete or illegible photos provided by the Supplier will be at the Suppliers’ cost.


Examples of acceptable and non-acceptable loading photographs:



CCIC London may request to make site visits to inspect material quality from time-to-time.  We will inform you of any such request made to Cyclelink.  Cyclelink also reserves the right to conduct pre-inspection visits and/or witness loading to assess quality.  Our Quality Inspectors will advise you on the suitability of material for export to China.  In addition to the visual inspection, we may request the splitting of bales including a gravimetric weight sample on site to better assess quality.

All loading photos are inspected by our Quality Inspectors prior to shipment.  If there is any concern around the quality of material loaded then we will inform you as soon as possible.  Cyclelink reserves the right to return a container to the point of loading at the Supplier’s cost where such quality would render the shipment non-compliant with the applicable Laws and regulations.


Annex VII

Cyclelink will send you an Annex VII document for each load.  Once loaded, please enter the following information in the appropriate sections on the Annex VII:

§  Container No.

§  Seal No.

§  Net weight

§  No. of bales

It is requirement of the Trans-Frontier Shipment Regulations that a copy of the Annex VII is placed inside the container to accompany the shipment.  Please do not hand the completed Annex VII to the driver, please ensure yourself that it is placed within the container by the rear door on the right-hand side.  Any costs and or fines incurred as a result of a missing Annex VII, or having to place an Annex VII into a container retrospectively at the Port will be passed onto the Supplier.

Packing List

Please complete a Packing List detailing the following for each container loaded:

§  Date loaded

§  Cyclelink Ref. No. (e.g. UK1401284EOCC-001)

§  Container No.

§  Seal No.

§  Grade

§  Net weight

§  No. of bales

Weight Ticket

Please supply a copy of the electronic weighbridge ticket for each load.






Please ensure that you submit your documents, photographs, and invoices as per the table:


Email address


Signed PO

within 24hrs of receipt

Loading Photographs

on the same day as loading

Annex VII

on the same day as loading

Packing List

on the same day as loading

Weighbridge Note

on the same day as loading

Weighbridge Calibration Certificate





Please ensure that for all emails you use the relevant Cyclelink Load Reference as the Subject, e.g. UK1401284EOCC-001.

Please also ensure that you include your own contact details in each email so that we can contact you if required.

Suppliers are responsible for informing their own staff about the requirements within this Supplier Instruction document.






Version 12

March 2016

Craig Robinson

Supplier Instructions