News & Pams Material Specifications
Target material
mixture of used newspapers and magazines or pamplets, containing a minimum of 30% of magazines or pamplets, with or without glue.
Up to 10% white office paper waste is allowed by weight of load or individual bale.
Unwanted paper and board
There is an allowance of up to 2% of other mixed papers including:
- Card
- Kraft paper
- Dyed Paper
Unwanted material (Outthrows)
There is a tolerance of up to 1.5% of unwanted materials by overall bale weight. Unwanted materials includes non-paper and cardboard materials such as:
- Metals
- Cans
- Plastic bottles
- Rigid plastic
- Plastic film
It also includes paper and board which may be detrimental to production such as:
- Soft and hard cores
- Tetrapak
- Wallpaper
- Tissue paper
- Wet strength hand towels
- Egg box
- Carbon or carbonless paper
- Adhesive labels / backing paper
- Wax paper
All material should NOT contain any of the following as there is a 0% tolerance:
- Food waste
- Garden waste
- Medical and hygiene waste
- Hazardous materials (e.g. paint, chemicals, oil, asbestos)
- Nappies
- Concrete, soil, stone and brick
- Glass
- Fire damaged material
- Bitumen
- Toxic powders 
- Wood
- Textiles  
Material must be generally free of dirt, grit, fire damage and should not be mouldy
Average of 12% moisture content. Moisture above 12% may be subject to claims.
Bale presentation
Bales should be a uniform shape, compact and with all baling wire secure. Bales should not be wrapped in plastic film or loaded on pallets.