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Shanying Paper Acquiring Corporation Nordic Paper 100% equity
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Source: Announcement of Shanghai Stock Exchange of China on July 21st, 2017 Announced on July 21st 2017, the company’s Sweden subsidiary, Gold Cup plays the main role as acquiring entity, which intends to invested 2. 4 billion Swedish Krona, about 1.952 billion yuan to purchase Nordic Paper Company’s 100% equity. With that, Shanying Paper International will enter into the high technology field and high-end specialty paper market segments with strong profitability. The target company's oil-resistant paper products ranks No. 1 in European market share which is a leader in this market segment.
The Shanying Paper’s Company Name and Business Scope Had Completed the Change of Business Registrati
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Source: Announcement of Shanghai Stock Exchange of China on July 28th 2017 On July 28th 2017, by July 27th 2017, Shanying Paper has completed related industrial and change of business registration procedures, and had renewed "Business License" issued by Maanshan Municipal Industrial and Commercial Administration office (which has changed company name from “ An Hui Shanying Paper Company Limited ” to “ Shanying International Holding Company” and revised company name and scope of business in the “Articles of Incorporation”. Link to Announcement :
Shanying Paper Abstract of 2017 Semi-annual Report
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Source: Announcement of Shanghai Stock Exchange of China on October 8th 2017 2017 semi- annual report discloses that the first six months of 2017, Shanying International Share Holding Company achieved revenue of 7.461 billion yuan, an increase of 38.10% compared to the same period of 2016. Base paper output 1.7691 million tons, Sales volume of 1.689 million tons, production sales rate 95.52%. Among these, production of newspaper 76,800 tons, Sales of 76,000 tons, production/sales ratio 99.74%; Corrugated cardboard carton production of 488 million square meters, 489 million square meters of
Shanying Paper Uses Funds Raised Capital to Invest in a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Shanying Central Ch
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Source: Announcement of Shanghai stock exchange of China on October 19th, 2017 October 19th, 2017 Announcement,Shanying International Stock Holding Company plans to invest 1.9704826 billion yuan raised funds from non-public offerings and from its generated interest to Shanying Central China. The additional share of funds will be based on the progress of equity investment projects periodically appropriated. After the completion of the investment, Shanying Central China’s registered capital will be increased to 1.8 billion yuan. Link to Announcement :
Shanying Paper InternationalInternational Increases Investment in its wholly-owned subsidiary Sub-co
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Source: Announcement of Shanghai Stock Exchange of China on October 19th, 2017
Cycle Link UK Organized Donation Event for McMillans Nurses Charity
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[Express] On Friday, 29th September 2017, Cycle Link UK held a Coffee and Cake event in the decorated office for McMillans Nurses Charity in the battle against Cancer. The cakes were baked by Christine, Emma and Oneka, and they brought these DIY cakes into the office. Employees paid for the lovely cakes for the sake of donation. The cakes were in the office all day and everyone enjoyed a slice when having a cup of tea or coffee. At the end of the day, £50.00 was raised for McMillans Nurses Charity.
Global Logistics Director of Cycle Link, Gray Waters Attended Lloyds List Global Awards Ceremony
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[Express] On Wednesday, 27th September 2017, Gary Waters, Global Logistics Director of Cycle Link International Holding Limit Corporation, was invited by APL to attend the Annual Lloyds List Global Awards ceremony at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London. Lloyds List Global Awards is one of the biggest Maritime events for the industry in the UK and this is the third year that Mr. Gary has attended the event on behalf of Cycle Link.
The Workshop of Paper Making Conducted at Cycle Link(USA)Inc.
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In the middle of August, CEO of Pacific Net Holding Corporation, Jimmy Lyu came to one of branches of Cycle Link International Holdings Limited in America, called Cycle Link (USA) Inc. He has shared his knowledge and experience regarding the materials and process of paper making, pulping and paper converting with staffs. In the end, he emphasized that paper recycling will still be a key development industry because of the low-energy consumption and high demand, but its development is going to be accompanied by challenges as well.
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