Cainiao Plan, Works Hand in Hand to Create Cycle Link's New Future

168 billion and 200 million yuan was the last number shown at the Shanghai Expo Center media report hall, it also was Tmall’s double Eleven final total turnover this year which has showed 39.35% increase compare to same time last year. In addition, Jingdong’s grand total for order placed was 127 billion and 100 million yuan between 

12 am November 1st - 12am November 2nd that showed a year to year base increase of 50%. These two enormous figures represent the fact that Double eleven is still appealing to consumers. Double eleven online shopping carnival over past 9 years has being constantly refresh people's consumption potential cognition by society. According to the Cainiao ( Alibaba’s logistic group) logistics official website data that on November 11th , Tmall has shipped over 366 million orders through it’s logistics. On the other hand, another online retail giant Jingdong has already shipped out 85% of it’s order placed that day these includes small to medium-sized, big parcels, cold chain, B2B, cross-border and Zhongbao (dada) six logistics network total daily capacity of over twenty million parcels that covers the whole country urban and rural ends.


The overflow of parcels has made green environmental protection a hot topic again. Unlike in previous years, for this year’s Double Eleven, Cycle Link International as one of Shanying International Holdings Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary company, a global trade network paper enterprises has teamed up with Cainiao to carry out a comprehensive express carton recycling campaign in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou etc,. ten cities, that is called "back to box plan". This event’s wide range of influence has brought attention of mass media of all kind. Inspired of that, we interviewed the special international (China District) general manager Wu Haiyan to get some insight of it.

When asked about the waste paper recycling industrys current status, Wu said "up to today, cartons that are generated by ordinary consumers are partially collected by the individual pick-ups. On the other hand, a considerable number of them will be over thrown into the trash bin with other garbage. The rag pickers then will pick out some of the more intact cartons and sale to scrap purchasing station. After packing station, traders, finally these cartoons will reach paper factories.

Multiple layered recycling process like this not only reduces the recovery efficiency, increases the cost of recycling cartons, but also affects the quality of recycling. Carton quality that paper mill received is uneven which brought a certain degree of difficulty to the factory inspection process." Therefore, how to improve the recycling rate has became a topic of great interest.

“ If the waste carton was produced in the state of recovery, the recovery efficiency will be greatly improved, and the quality of recycling will be more controllable. An express packaging box made of original wood pulp can be recycled 12 times.”  GM Wu Sighs with emotion.


The Cycle Link teamed up with Cainiao to launch the green action enhanced version of "zero waste" that advocates the concept of environmental protection, carries out 100 campus and community Express box recycling operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou etc,. 10 cities, namely “back to box plan”. This plan is to encourage the “chop hands off party” (big online spenders whom mockingly saying that they would chop their hands off after spending too much online) to open their deliveries at the express courier stations, settle weighing on-site, post retention waste cartons. Then recycling companies cooperated with Cainiao will be responsible for recycling. regarding the whereabouts of the cartons, the reporter learned:

Beijing Cycle Link international team work in between Cainiaos stations every day to pack the collected cartons and then directly ship to companys paper mills located in Anhui, Zhejiang. These waste paper cartons will go though beating process make them in to paper, and finally they will be made into new cartons at packing plants owned by Shanying International .

-GM Wu responded to the question of carton recycling 

 “The traditional method of purchasing waste paper material of paper mills is to directly collect the material from the packing stations and extend them directly to the consumer side. The back to box plan represents a new way to promote the green recycling of cartons result in mutual agreement of Cycle Link and Cainiao.”  Wu Haiyan told reporters that the environmental protection campaign had a significant effect, and both the campus and communities showed in crease in response of consumer’s awareness of green recycling promotion. On the 12th  the first day of campaign only couple hundreds of boxes were recovered in average at a single station. but with the increasing publicity of environmental protection and numbers of packages arrived, on 14th , the recovery rate at many stations showed 300% of growth.

The volume is expected to Soaring in next few days, and conservatively estimated overall cartons recovery rate from 12th to 18th will reach several million."."

-GM Wu responds to the question of future recovery


Thanks to Cainiao’s elite team and Cycle Link International’s cooperation for such considerable outcome. According to the reporter, in the early stage of cooperation, the Cainiao had excellent potential candidate pool to select partner from, yet among many paper-making enterprises, Cycle Link International could stand out, have to owe to these ten years of persisted leading in circular economy and inherit paper civilization.


"We have always regarded environmental protection as the  Life Project of the enterprise". In China, the Shanying group, actively responds to calls for environmental protection and conservation of forest resources, to popularize the recycled fiber (waste paper) as the main raw material of our paper production. At present, we have the ability to achieve 100% waste paper as raw material. The greenery circular concept highlighted by this campaign consists our vision and soul."

-Wus response to the successful team work with Cainiao



And by meaning of soul when reporter acquired, Wu sums up:

"Culture is the soul of an enterprise." Shanying Internationals culture integrates with Cycle Link International, our mission is to build "ecology" between enterprises and employees, enterprises and society, enterprises and nature, to create, share a win-win industrial culture. As one of the most influential enterprises in the industry Shanying focuses on building a recycling system that covers forestry, pulping, paper making, packaging and recycling of renewable resources."

It is known that as result in China tightening regulation of import waste paper had caused shortage of raw materials supply as well as it’s waste paper recycling system is going to further improve, the China’s domestic wastepaper recovery rate is expected continue to rise, many enterprises find new opportunities in this difficult time, and under this circumstance, Cycle Link International and Cainiao’s cooperation is profound. Wu gave a positive response:


"It's an opportunity for us. The country is promoting the express delivery as known as the polluters go green, encouraging enterprises to reuse plastic containers, cartons and woven bags and other packaging containers, to increase reuse rate of packaging materials. The development of this campaign complies with the current situation"




Mean time, "the Shanying International has always been taking on social welfare as its duty, responsibility and mission, and actively carries forward the Chinese traditional virtue, to carry out a variety of social assistance as to full fill its social responsibility etc,. The objective of this recovery plan is to show that our company is world's leading Eco based enterprises that is  green focused and advocates leading to create, share, and win-win industrial civilization as mission statement, in order to lead the circular economy and to inherit paper culture. Fully realize the "green", put Double Eleven flooding packaging cartons into renewable cycle, reborn each fiber, effectively promote the development of the paper industry. Cycle Link International, one of the Shanying International holdings companys wholly-owned subsidiary company as a renewable fiber logistics system on a global scale carries important responsibility and mission in the process of promoting the development of society. It is imperative to promote efficient recycling of resources through its own efforts. In terms of to promote circular production mode, enterprises, parks, industries link symbiosis, mutual supply of raw materials, resource sharing. Also to promote the standardization and scale development of resource recycling industry."


Darwin once said only by obeying nature can we conquer nature. The cooperation between Cycle Link International and the Cainiao is a nature result in obey the law of nature's pursuit of renewal and regeneration, it aims to create a better future for our society. Finally, I wish this first of many events to come a great success.


Huang MuLan

Cycle Link International